Our people define us

People at JLand

Together, we are committed to improving lives, lifestyles and neighbourhoods. True today, as it was at the start.

Our values guide everything we do, as we unleash potential and enrich our society. The 4’Cs at JLand: 
Courage to Act, Committed to Outdo, Customer focused for Good, Collaborate with Impact.

Board of Directors

Encik Zamri Bin Yusof

Director- In-Charge

Encik Mohd Yusof Bin Ahmad

Executive Director

Encik Muaazam bin Mahmud

Non-Executive Director

Mr John Ng Yan Chuan

Non Independent,
Non-Executive Director

Senior Leadership/ Top Management

Puan Satira Binti Omar

Vice President Group Governance & Risk

Encik Mohd Haris Bin Aziz

Vice President & Head of Digital

Encik Md Faizal Bin Abdullah

General Manager
Corporate Planning

Encik Faizal Bin Hussin

General Manager
Business Development

Encik Salemy Bin Arshat

General Manager
Marketing & Sales Documentation

Puan Zainah Binti Salamat

General Manager
Supply Chain

Cik Razana Binti Jamiun

General Manager
HR & Administration

Our vision

Enhancing Wellbeing, Enriching Community

Our mission

Maximising opportunities to enhance community’s wellbeing through innovative solutions and sustainable lifestyles
Uplifting Community
Innovative Solutions
Sustainable Lifestyles

Living our values

Courage to Act
We are brave enough to honour our word, lead with integrity and act decisively.
Committed to Outdo
We continuously push ourselves to raise our game, create new value and inspire growth.
Customer-focused for Good
We listen, anticipate and act for the greater good of our stakeholders.
Collaborate with Impact
We see strength in diversity and collaborate well to drive meaningful impact.